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lunaunit said: Hey dear, hope all is well with you. I just wanted to thank you for posting my second voicemail, the score is beautiful. It's so surreal to know that my literal voice has reached so many people. Within only 12 hours, it has almost 1,000 plays, and that's so powerful. It's such an honor to part of your project. Thank you.



Anonymous said: So... I called a couple times yesterday... I was cut off... Yeah, I felt really bad.... Yeah....

I’m sorry! My voicemail inbox doesn’t let callers go over three minutes per message. Feel free to call in as much as you need.


I went to the State Fair

and ate chocolate covered bacon.



I just received one the most flattering SoundCloud comments about my music, ever:

Pause this music, go to youtube.com/watch?v=pGWU4QhJ4L8&feature=plcp turn the music from youtube off and start video from youtube and this song at the same time, watch the video while u listening this.:)

They linked to that pinnacle scene in “American Beauty” where they’re watching the video of a bag floating in the wind, talking about all the beauty in the world. Thomas Newman wrote the gorgeous soundtrack behind the film and has long stood as one of my film score composer heroes. It’s very flattering to be compared to him.


Alone But Not Lonely

“I think that loneliness is a term that’s misconceived by everybody. There’s two different things: there’s being alone and there’s being lonely. I’ve learned loneliness is only something you invite when you’re by yourself. And I can be by myself and be completely happy.”

I very much enjoy my solitary time, too. Thanks for calling.


the-last-frontier said: Do you listen to the voicemails as the person is saying it?

Not as the person is saying it, no.


Polishing up a track for Frank Warren’s PostSecret Play

Doing my best, despite my modest audio engineering skills. 

&lt;3. It&#8217;s up to the panel judges alone, but thank you so very kindly.

<3. It’s up to the panel judges alone, but thank you so very kindly.

Submitting The Listener to the Grammy&#8217;s.
Kind of nervous about it.

Submitting The Listener to the Grammy’s.

Kind of nervous about it.


waterandink said: hi! as you know i've followed you for a while now and i just wanted to say i love your blog once again! but i have a favor to ask of you! you obviously have an amazing talent with music, and i would love if you could possibly suggest some great jazz bands or artists. i feel like you would have some great suggestions, preferably something on the softer/smooth/relaxing side would be awesome! if you can't i totally understand! i'd really appreciate it!

Thanks for the kind words, friend!

Mellow jazz:
- Cinematic Orchestra
- Esbjorn Svensson Trio
- Skalpel
- Bonobo
- Terrance Blanchard
- Brad Mehldau (solo not trio)

Other jazz worth checking out:
- The Bad Plus
- Keith Jarret (Standards Trio featuring Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette)
- Eldar Djangirov
- Bobby McFerrin (especially his album with Chick Corea and the one with Yo-Yo Ma) 

Your turn! Who are some illustrators/visual artists to follow on tumblr who post a lot of great original work/interesting content?